Friday, October 28, 2011

Dat Herman Cain Is Insane In Da Membrane

Everyone is talking about it but in the wrong way. Bad attention is not good attention when you are running for a show on Fox news...OPPS, I mean President.

Someone tell me how this commercial helps Cain in any other way than to bring him ridicule? Or do I not get it? I guess even 'lunatic' can be successfully marketed. It must be giving the salesman in Cain an enormous chubby to see his 'brand' advance.

Can we agree that this ad is strange? I hate that the music makes me dance in my seat. It's very hypnotic. Herman Cain is a pizza selling supervillain.

I guess that guy smoking in the ad was showing us Progressives that we would be like Michelle Obama and allow astronauts to smoke on the moon because that is what Herman Cain believes. Send all the electric illegal immigrants to the moon to harvest the cheese.

Can anyone tell me if the Pizza is any good.


Budd said...

very odd ad. I have never had the pizza. it is one of less prolific pizza chains.

Belle said...

This is me: I guess Cain is pro smoking! Maybe he will repeal all those stinking anti-smoking laws! I'll vote for that!

If his ad means something else, I don't get it.

M. D. Jackson said...

Well, you know most presidents have been lawyers or bankers, even an actor once. It's well past time for a pizza man to become president. We are at the dawn of the rise of the PIZZAMAN!

And... i guess... you know... smoking is allowed... or something.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

So that creepy guy who watches the playgrounds while smoking all day long will be mayor next? Well I guess he has FOCUS.