Monday, August 31, 2015

Who Wore It Better?

I mean the diaper, not the hair.

I Like The Top Left One

 I know many people in NZ don't want a change and see the whole exercise as one big distraction but if I HAD to pick one design I would go with the top left design. I like the Southern Cross, The Silver Fern and the black color which are all unique to New Zealand. I hate giving up being the only country with a leaf on their flag but I will accept whatever my NZ brothers and sisters decide. Even if they decide to change nothing at all.

When I Drink, I Only Drink With Tink


Need Me Some Education

I want to figure out how digitally color and add fangs to these pictures to create an Abby Bominable from this image. You would need to change the eyes a bit too but how hard can that be? The outfit and the face fits. I need to learn more such artistic skills.



Things Calvin Does Not Need To Know

THIS is a record for the size and length for a rattle snake. That is a nightmare. Imagine him in your tent in the morning. Curled up on your sleeping bag.


Faux Covers This Week


And Calvin Wets His Diaper In 3...2...1

I admit I got burned out on the long season of The Flash and didn't watch the last six episodes. I knew as the new season got closer that I would find interest again. I wish they could reduce these stories to 13 episodes. Do TWO seasons a year but give me a contained story and cut out all the fluff and the relationship garbage that slowed down a great superhero tale.

I Call Him Rex

This is the cat next door. He is always hooked up to a line from his front door but finds his way through the hedge and back when he wants to spy on us. Sometimes he gets out of his leash and tries to get in our house. This is how I got scratched the other day. He should know me by now but he is just an asshole, for a cat. Good thing the kids that live next door are good people. I can forgive their snotty cat.

If you see him, don't talk to him or give him matches.
If he asks for loose change, say NO.
 He will only use it to buy whisky.

Morning Captions


Cosplay This Week