Saturday, August 22, 2015

Two From WHO

I have to admit I bailed on most of last season. I loves me some Jenna Marie but the new Doctor was a bit jarring for me. I needed a smoother transition. It didn't help that the stories seemed so meh as well. Maybe I need to actually watch most of last season to properly and fairly judge it.
I have a weird relationship with Doctor Who. I HATED it as a kid. In Canada we get all the CBC shows and Doctor Who was one that was on all the time. Seemed like the same few episodes just rotated. I remember Tom Baker was the Doctor, arguably one of the series strongest leads. I should have been impressed but I wasn't. I used to stay up late to watch Star Trek on PBS on Sunday nights at 11. WHO came on at 10. Usually I was asleep before WHO ended and I miss all or most of the Star Trek that week. It wasn't like today. There was not other way to watch that program except on television.
My father died in May of 2005. That summer the new Doctor Who began. It was then that I met my beloved Rose Tyler for the first time. I was hooked and enchanted by the whole Universe that was WHO. I love Torchwood as well and their mini series - Children Of Earth - is one of the best shows I have ever seen on TV. Such strong female characters like my equally beloved Gwen Cooper made the whole series a winner. Girls have so few role models these days.


Mallius Vane said...

Similiar story for me. I remember watching Tom Baker as a kid but had stopped watching it by the time Peter Davison became the 5th Doctor.

But New Who blew me away! And that got me into Old Who...third, fourth and fifth Doctors, anyway. Loved David Tenant...and Torchwood but began to lose interest with Matt Smith. Gave up completley after the first few Capaldis. I blame it all on Steven Moffat!

cerebus660 said...

Cal, you should definitely persevere with Series 8 of Nu Who. The later episodes picked up the pace and there are some real gems there. I'd recommend Mummy On The Orient Express, Flatline and Kill The Moon - all very different, all showcasing some very cool ideas and great performances. Of course, you could always read my reviews at The Glass Walking-Stick to give you a flavour. Just sayin'...

Also... Jenna Marie? Marie?? Who dat?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Oppps. I knew a Jenna Maria...LOL...brain fart. On your recommendation alone I will check out the rest of the season. I like mummies and I like trains.