Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hell On Wheels Mid Season Finale

Enough with this Swede. I have had it with this Swede. Take his head and stick it on a post and drive a stake through his heart. One of the most deliciously evil characters ever on TV. He death must be epic. And please, no more innocent blood on Bohannon's hands. He has suffered enough of that in his life. Time for some retribution when the show returns for the last seven episodes. You still got time to binge the entire first four seasons. 13 episodes a year. Easy to enjoy. You know you will want to be there to see the golden spike get driven to unite the two halves of the railroad. I only hope Bohannon is the one to drive the spike.

But last night's mid-season finale was so great. Once again Cullen figured out a way to piss off all sides in the debate as to the route the final leg of the railway will take. No one was happy with his decision (well none of the greedy opportunists trying to profit) except for the President who was the only guy Bohannon needed approval from. Once again our hero saves the day and makes the final push into a RACE which only ramps up the story to another level. All of the great storylines are paying off after all this time. I will miss it when it goes but damn if HELL ON WHEELS didn't deliver the goods to me week after week. I was there from the first damn second and I will be there at the bitter end. I just want some nice closure. I want to sigh and walk away knowing that I experienced one of the great shows in TV history and I can defend that claim to anyone who cares to disagree with me.


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DrGoat said...

Totally agree with you on the swede. Sick of his schtick.
Don't like waiting till next year though.