Tuesday, August 25, 2015

RISK And The Best Part Of Teaching

I have taught many different subjects and classes in my time. Often when dealing with low achievers or difficult kids I would collect them in one class and challenge them with activities that taught more long term lessons. One of my best activities occurred when pulling out the old RISK board game.

When they were being lazy or unco-operative it was time to bring out the old games and humble these punks. I taught a bunch of burnout students. ..last chancers and once a week we played board games. Two boards of RISK where we connected two worlds together. You could travel between worlds by several portals and share armies between planets.

I would warn them that I had no pity or mercy and their weakness would be viewed by me with contempt. Oh sure, I dealed, I made alliances but I TURNED ON ALL OF THEM. Crushed the kids and became Master of the World.

Next week they tried to team up against me again. I hurt them so bad there was crying after that merciless beating.

THEN the brain scientists figured out how to defeat the Master was to plan, and work TOGETHER for the common goal to complete a mission....that mission being to crush me. This did this once at the end of the year. I made a crucial error and they exploited me and chased me to Greenland to be surrounded and die at their swords. I have never seen them happier and I was never prouder to see them team up for a common purpose. Kids that would have been stabbing each other a few years earlier were now hugging it out in celebration.

That is my gift in the classroom. I change hearts and minds. Anyone want to hire me back after my PTSD? I promise I had help the kids that need the most in your school.



DrGoat said...

Back in the 80s, we used to do Risk games (using 2 boards put together) that would last well into the wee hours. Get stoned
and play Risk, the good ole days.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Some times the old board games still impart the most valuable lessons, eh?

Chase March said...

That's a great story. Never played this game either, but it sounds fun!

Fiendenstein said...

Great idea

Risk fans should check out Risk Legacy, its so much colder when destroying your friends than the standard version

Margaret Benbow said...

If you REALLY want to threaten punks with annihilation in this world and the next, play the game SETTLERS with them. Icy cold calculation,
betrayal, slaughter of the weak. It's all good.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Risk is easier for them to grasp. Then they make alliances to try to defeat me. I just take their cards and make them cry.

Mallius Vane said...


Rob R said...

Awesome story, Cal! I never realized you were so ruthless... well done! :)

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am usually a powder puff but when motivated I can do great evil. I once had a kid trying to escape from class so I gave him a squishie between the door and the wall. Mess him up but he never did that again. Now that is another story.