Thursday, May 31, 2018

Birthday Peeps

The Yale chaplain who opposed the U.S. war in Vietnam

Freeman, Morgan (1937)            
The Oscar-winning co-star of Million Dollar Baby

Griffith, Andy (1926)            
Star of TV's The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock

Henin, Justine (1982)            
Winner of the French Open, 2005-07

Holland, Tom (1996)            
The star of 'Spider-Man: Homecoming

Klum, Heidi (1973)            
Host of TV's Project Runway

Monroe, Marilyn (1926)            
Hollywood's most famous blonde sex symbol

Morissette, Alanis (1974)            
The singer of the hit "You Oughta Know"

Mulder, Karen (1968)            
Former model for Guess? and Victoria's Secret

Schumer, Amy (1981)            
The raunchy comedy star of Trainwreck and Inside Amy Schumer

Snow, Tony (1955)            
White House press secretary, 2006-07

Wilson, Charlie (1933)            
The Texas Congressman who funded Afghan rebels in the 1980s

Young, Brigham (1801)            
Early Mormon leader

Happy Birthday To Me - Big Deal

I Think She Is Trying To Seduce Me


Check Out These Designs By Brother Paul Sizer

Chicago teacher and designer Paul Sizer is one of my favorite creative people. I think these designs for a summer reading program are fantastic. I really want to ride in a World Globe balloon now.

New art and designs done for the 2018 Kalamazoo Public Library's Summer Reading Challenge, which kicks off this Saturday!

Paul also designed this fantastic commision piece for me based on the mythology of the Cave of Cool. He also came up with a GREAT superhero concept that could be the freshest idea to come along in decades if I was allowed to tell the story in my head.

ANIMATED SPIDER-MAN Official Trailer #1 (2018)

This looks terrific. I KNOW the first Spider is Spider-Gwen because of the hoodie and the grave of Peter Parker. I count four other Spiders including Spider-Man 2099."

How Can I Camp In Anything Else?

Is it too much to ask it also to be a Submarine?

Raven Cosplay By Savvy Lopez



Teaching Stories By Calvin

As a substitute teacher I told a joke so funny to a combined junior high class - 60 kids, two teachers and an aid to handle them - that it made continuation of the educational process impossible. Big pilot program and everyone was nervous about the experiment. But on a Friday in May the adults all go for professional development and only think to get one sub. I had to entertain them like the Colosseum entertained the mob of Rome for 6 hours. All the time they smelled my fear. I told them that if they worked hard on their big project diaramas they had - great activity to leave me to try to control them with - them going from table to table to get supplies. - I would tell them the funniest joke in the world. Of course it I was bluffing because the joke I was going to tell these 14 year olds was not all that funny. But I wanted something to show from my day at the front line of teen eduction. It's every bit as horrific as you have heard. I felt safer teaching GED classes in a prison. But they did great work. I knew their teachers would be back on Monday and be impressed. So I got everything cleaned up and sat them in their seats and checked their planning manuals. Then with twenty minutes left in the day I took the stage and then I told my joke.

"Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?"
"Because he was dead."

I don't know if it was my delivery or the build up or the expectaion but the laughter that erupted was the kind where people have a hard time breathing. Then they would stop for a second and someone would say "because he was dead" and it would all start again. It was infectious and you could hear it down the hallway.

With ten mitues left in the day the teachers returned to this scene of polite kids all in their seats peeing themselves with laughter. They then collectively gave me a dirty look and 'excused me from their fiefdom. I left to applause.

Damn I miss the classroom sometimes.


A Day In The Life of A Medieval Executioner In Their 16th Century Heyday

This was a fun little read. If you have to do a bad job there is no excuse to not do it well is the lesson I take from this guy's life.

Thursday Image Blizzard