Wednesday, May 30, 2018

I Have A Wish That Should Be A Dream

I would like a special gift for my Birthday. If you are fan of this blog I would hope you would take the few minutes it would take for you to complete this task. I want everyone to go back five pages and check out those post I have done on my blog as a Birthdy gift to me. Then tell me your honest impression about why you come here in the first place and why you stay.

I have been trying lately to put out possitive suportive comments to the awesome people that I either interact with or follow on the social media. Some people who I admire or go fan-boy over have actually written back because I think they can smell my sincerity and that I am not just blowing smoke up their butts. I tell them why I think their creations are worthy or MY attention and comment. Many of them reply and it leads to further conversation. I feel like I am building people up instead of breaking them down. And I don't want anything for it. I will never meet these people. I will never date a beautiful Eastern European cosplayer but that only mades my compliment more pure, untainted and therefor of value to any artist. It's also a great way for cosplays I admire to get to recognize my name and more than a half dozen routinely write me back. Those messages still thrill me because they are people I admire. I know that is sad but it's all the real feedback and validation I get in my life.

I just wondered what people would say about my little creation if they were also interested in buidling someone up for a day - that someone being me.

You know how I love any compliment I get for my captions or my posts or my image collections or all the other ways I entertain you mutants on a daily basis. Trust me. It's not the flood of love that I thought it would be. I think if I was a prettier person with a webcam from my bedroom that I would have greater impact on this world and that is not right. The Cave of Cool is unique and it has Pop Cutural signifigance even though THEM MAN works hard to surpress that knowlege.

So why this elaborate intro? Well this Friday is my 53rd Birthday. I lived past 52 and many a Shaman from a dozen religions told me that was an impossibility. For that achievment I would like any fan of this site to read through five pages of my archives. Then come backl here and tell me of all the reasons you enjoyed the experience. Dont be a dick or don't comment. I want your love and your genuine honesty about what you think I do to make your life a little better if I ever had.

If you can't do it for me. Do it for GOOM. GOOM needs some validation. I mean LOOK AT HIM!! It would totally put a smile on GOOM'S face if you put your hearts into it. I thank you with Peace and Love my Brothers and Sisters. Oh and it you just remain silent and give this the brush off? I will know to re-evaluate your page and see if you are of interest to me anymore. I don't have any friends in my real life so this kind of possitive attention, even if I pathetically have to beg for it, is good enough for me.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Okay, Friday it is!

Stu Ordana said...

An early happy birthday to you sir. I turned 51 in March. I come to your blog for many reasons. A good laugh to brighten my day, the nostalgia of the old days you touch upon, the great art you display, the pretty woman you put on a pedestal, the Trump bashing which is so richly deserved, and the love of cats that shows the kindness in your heart. Keep up the good work you do here. I know sometimes it may all seem in vain and you feel no one is reading and watching. But we are. Take care.

Tim Knight said...

The things I admire most about the Cave Of Cool are:

(a) image avalanches and cosplay collections (e.g. Wonder Woman, MJ etc) because they make a pleasant break in my daily travels around da Interwebz. While they don't require any thought from the reader, they have an uncanny ability to raise a smile, stir a memory, stimulate an idea. And what more could we ask for?

(b) Your deep dives into 'random' elements of pop culture: be it action figures and other toys, comic books, obscure television and movies. They don't even have to be long posts to hook my interest - often the imagery and your pithy commentary alone will be enough.

Looking forward to seeing what presents you have for us on your birthday.

Sam G said...

Hey Cal! Been busy as of late, but I always try and stop by for your awesomeness. It's obvious you put a lot of time and love to this blog...thank you! Happy early B-day!

Dr. Theda said...

your many posts are some of the best stuff out there, good Sir.... we will follow your great blog till I die (well we are terminal)... your pics and often humorous comments tend to give us a much needed Smile... many a time has that Smile been the only good part of the day... Keep up the great work... and have a very happy Birthday !!!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Thanks everyone. I feel good that I have connected with you all.