Friday, May 18, 2018

Deadpool 2

I will be honest from the start. I HATE Deadpool and I have hated his character since his creation - a comic I have in my voluminous comic book collection. Of course he was 'created' by the idiot known as Rob Leifeld. His great INNOVATION was to give guns to Spider-Man, change his name to something unrelated to his powers or abilities and never drew him with feet because as we all know Rob Liefeld cannot draw feet. HE'S A MAJOR FUCKING COMIC BOOK CREATOR and he can't draw feet or backgrouds or characters that are physically proportionate to actually humans and not monstrous superhumans and 6 ft tall annorexic females with large breasts that they would not be able to hold up because they would be too weak from malnutrition to do so. It's insane that we thought he was good, until ten minutes later when we came to our senses and we didn't think he was good anymore. In fact he was an abomination who I never resist a chance to blast. He gets a fame and attention and opportunities that are NOT his due. He worked with the greatest of them all, Jack Kirby, and he absorbed NOTHING from the man. NOTHING. He is the only creator who never got better with time, only lazier. I know that computer programs assist his 'storytelling' in ways that his own talent never could.

I love how the movie makes similar jokes about Liefeld's shortcomings as an artist.

So to see two of his creations in a superhero movie that doesn't really suck is a high hurdle for me to overcome. I just remind myself that many other very creative people got to Cable and Deadpool and made them cool for the first time. Liefled never achieved that. They deserve to be in photos on the set and being interviewed by the media. Not this child-like muppet. Did I mention before how much I hate him? I swear if he had a cameo in the movie that I noticed I would have stopped the film right there and bluffed my way through this review. But I stuck it out until the end and was pleased I did. It didn't reinvent the wheel but it was a solid effort that keeps the franchise on solid footing. Maybe next time less characters and more character development. That being said, the way they dealt with the character heavy cast was hilarious and dark as hell. I laughed out loud because I never saw it coming.

You have some great stuff there like Yukio and Megasonic but they are used very little. X-Force is a great idea and their fate was genius for a film that had to make murder seem balletic and artistic and unexpected just to keep everyone interested. That is the problem with having a fight every ten minutes of the film. I zoned on a few of the confrontations because we have all seen big strong mutants bash each other around a billion times before. You have seen it all before. Maybe I am still having an Infinity War hangover and that makes Deadpool 2 look just average to me.

The jokes were filthy and the violence is often over the top but what did you expect? It will give you bloodthirsty bastards just what you are looking for before you go out for the evening and fill yourself with malt liquor and then try to be Deadpool and do something foolish thinking you can heal from the spinal injury you will give yourself after you fall off the bar.

It's no Black Panther or Infinity War or even Zootopia or The Adventures of Milo and Otis. It's nothing more complicated than the Ryan Reynolds Show and we are just along for the insane ride. If something doesn't make sense don't try to overthink it because it doesn't matter anyways. Already I am forgetting huge parts of this film. Maybe that was by design. Maybe for all the mayhem, this all amounts to nother more than a popcorn fart.

I hoped for a happy ending for Cable and in fact, despite his best efforts, he actually got one. Josh Brolin keeps killing it on the screen for me this summer and I appreciate the effort and how he just rolls with all the crazy the role asks him to be a part of and he plays it like it's Hamlet. I loved every scene he was in. Can a guy win a DOUBLE Oscar? Why the hell not?

The music was amazing and totally hit both the mood of the film and goofy timeline that Ryan Reynolds is trying to create here. I knew all the 80s gems that were represented. I guess they learned from Guardians of the Galaxy that a good soundtrack is crucial with those Millenials. I respect that so much. In a world of 'same' - the creators dared to be irreverant and for all the ways that this could have gone insanely bad - lightning did strike again. The joy of first discover is over but this sequel is solid.

The movie has no reason to exist except to make everyone feel uncomfortable with being around Deadpool and everything Ryan Reynolds says and does as the character.

Brown Panther is my favorite new character. You will know why when you meet him. Domino is also terrific. He 'luck' powers are a great solution to many a story or stunt problem and the way her powers save the day are creative and never overused.

See it or don't. You know you will like it if you liked the first one. If you like the trailer you will have fun. Compared to Infinity War this is a high school movie club production but that gives it a charm that takes it a long way past where anyone should have gotten tired of Deadpool and the crap that comes out of his mouth. So annoying. If I didn't know he would just come back from the dead everytime, I would kill him myself. And that is why Deadpool works. You have no idea how much it hurts me to say that.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

If there's anything that's ripe for a satirical sendup, it's superhero movies. That's what Deadpool does and it's funny AF. That's enough for me!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Yeh, and that is why it will do HUGE business. It's a GOOD spoof too and as you know if the spoof is bad like with Space Balls or Weird Al, there is nothing worse to cringe at but this film hits all it's targets and then some.

Rob R said...

I thought the first movie was funny... which surprised me because I, too, was never a fan of the character. But somehow Ryan Reynolds infused the movie version with charm. Still, I'm not particularly enthused to see this one. Superhero movie fatigue? I'd consider seeing a matinee of it, but since that'd set me back $15 (yes, a MATINEE is $15 at my local theatre here in L.A.!), I'm thinking of waiting for the home video release.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You are not missing anything by not seeing it in the theatre. And it's good to have a movie to look forward to in six weeks. You will forget about it then one rainy summer night you will see it and go okay. Then you will be pleased and entertained. We have a cheap theatre here for end of runs so I would wait for that. I was quite happy with my screener.

Rob R said...

I appreciate you confirming my decision! There's always a part of me that thinks, "maybe I should just get this over with..."

Nick Ward said...

A very fine spoiler-free review. And I agree with EVERY SINGLE WORD of it.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Thank your my brother. High praise coming from you that I soak up like a biscuit soaks up the gravy.