Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Japanese Spider-Man

Tim over at Hero Press did a post today about one of the coolest variations on the concept of Spider-Man. Only the Japanese people would look at one of the most perfect characters and think it would be improved with the addition of a giant robot. You gotta love them for that. When I first got online at the school I would stay after school and look up things that I had always had an interest in and Japanese Spider-Man was near the top of that list. I had heard about this mutant variation but you really have to see it to believe it. It can proudly stand with the other giant robot shows that Japan loves to create and still keep a lot of what makes Spider-Man so great.


Tim Knight said...

Thanks for the mention. I'm looking forward to the end of next month when one of my gaming buddies is going to lend me his DVD of the adventures of Japanese Spider-Man.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That is cool. I look forward to your impression. It is a lot of fun if you like Giant Robot shows from Japan. All the ways they change Spidey and it still works in a goofy way.