Saturday, May 19, 2018

Inbred Gypsy Relations

OMG! There is a show called GYPSY SISTERS where they all act like lunatics free of education. I would use the R word but I am trying to be a better man. BUT WHAT IS WITH THE GYPSY SISTERS SHOW??? What fresh hell did I summon? OMG - the situations are so manufactured and stupid and excuses for the sisters to act like wild untamed animals and not the type that you would find hot if they wrestled each other during a sleepover. Now they are sending them into the woods. Uneducated... related hoes stuffed in a RV for a week. One of them brings a whole suitcase full of belts. YES- BELTS. Yeh, that will work. I know know from Gypsy girls and this will end so badly that there will be a need for a body to be hidden before authorities arrive. Of course under that scenerio they would also have to kill the cameraman as well. Then the bodies will pile up. Lots of bodies covered in Gypsy glitter and Gypsy DNA.


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