Thursday, May 31, 2018

Birthday Peeps

The Yale chaplain who opposed the U.S. war in Vietnam

Freeman, Morgan (1937)            
The Oscar-winning co-star of Million Dollar Baby

Griffith, Andy (1926)            
Star of TV's The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock

Henin, Justine (1982)            
Winner of the French Open, 2005-07

Holland, Tom (1996)            
The star of 'Spider-Man: Homecoming

Klum, Heidi (1973)            
Host of TV's Project Runway

Monroe, Marilyn (1926)            
Hollywood's most famous blonde sex symbol

Morissette, Alanis (1974)            
The singer of the hit "You Oughta Know"

Mulder, Karen (1968)            
Former model for Guess? and Victoria's Secret

Schumer, Amy (1981)            
The raunchy comedy star of Trainwreck and Inside Amy Schumer

Snow, Tony (1955)            
White House press secretary, 2006-07

Wilson, Charlie (1933)            
The Texas Congressman who funded Afghan rebels in the 1980s

Young, Brigham (1801)            
Early Mormon leader


Tim Knight said...

Oh, I like this idea. And, see, it's so innovative that you got your own weird alien spammer above :)

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I know. It can't be translated. Damn, they know that I know that they know that I know about them.