Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fridays With The Furies




This Is Why I Love This Fly Action Figure

The accident that created him also turned his coat inside out. It's the little details that I like.


Stop Telling Me Your Stupid Water Jet Pack Is A REAL Jet Pack

Because we all know that a REAL Jet Pack doesn't have to be attached to a body of water or pulled behind the boat. Jet Pack means FREEDOM! Why won't one of you crazy mixed up scientist types pull out all the stops and make the dreams of millions come true?


Yeoman Riddle?

I Wonder How Many Monster High Costumes Were Out There This Halloween Season?

The costumes are colorful and far from the slutty version of most every female character that you can imagine at most Halloween parties. I like the kits that provide instruction on how to do the special make up each girl including non-allergenic skin covering theatre paint. When I was a kid I loved to purchase those make-up. Why can't I have a child that desperately wanted to be Abbey Bominable or Frankie Stein this Halloween. Then I would know that I raised that geeky child the right way. Sigh. Too old now to have that kind of life. This is one of those day like Christmas that breaks my heart to be so alone. Do you realize I am missing the great costume parade in most schools these years.

This Is Why Hate Target

I can't believe I actually went to Target last night hoping I could find a new Monster High figure from the new Superhero line of dolls. These are exclusive to Target. Why not make them exclusive to Toys R Us? They at least know how to show off their toys. Not so Target. The selection was not only pitiful but all the toys were tossed around like it was some kid's room. I felt dirty just being in that aisle. After rummaging and making the pile worse I actually found a figure I wanted.

Frankie Stein as the Superhero Voltageous.

She come with her own superhero comic book.
(click to enlarge if you read Portuguese)



There Are Good Halloween Children Photos And Then There Are GREAT Halloween Children Photos

Halloween Illustrations by Corlen Kruger


Wednesday, October 30, 2013