Thursday, October 24, 2013

31 Days Of Halloween - Zombie Are No Match For Nature

One of the things I have always noticed about the Walking Dead is the lack of animals in any of the scenes. No dogs, no cats, no mice, no birds, no rabbits, no deer, no nothing. I assumed that all the smaller prey was eaten up by humans or zombies but that is not practical. Most everything warm blooded can move faster than a zombie and anything the zombie gets close enough to has defence mechanisms to either get away or make short work of the undead.
The above article makes many good points about how a zombie rich environment would fall prey to good old Mother Nature. Kinda gives me a reason to sleep soundly at night, knowing that all the predators have my back.
But come to think of it The Zombie Bear and the Zombie Bunnies of Doom would be a great addition to the show.


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Wings1295 said...

Hey - I posted Zombies, too, today and one of them was bunny, too!