Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ben Cooper Costumes

Thanks to Brother Mike for sending me this article to post.

Anyone reading this who was a kid up through the mid-1980s probably spent at least a few Halloweens trolling for candy in a costume manufactured by the Ben Cooper Company.

Founded in 1937, Ben Cooper, Inc. specialized in inexpensive Halloween costumes based on fictional archetypes, historical figures, and pop culture characters. Starting with Superman in the 1950s, expanding in the 1960s and '70s, the company produced dozens of variations of costumes based on superheroes.

 The drawings here illustrate what it would be like if the "real" superheroes actually dressed in outfits designed by the good folks at Ben Cooper, Inc. Some of these are an amalgamation of different elements from the variations over the years, and I still have to get around to doing that Green Lantern suit (because it's crazy awesome). Happy Halloween!








Mike D. said...

I'd want one just for the art on the box!

Wings1295 said...

Fun stuff! I think the Superman one is pretty dang cool and Spider-Man looks bad-ass!

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I love how even the costume tells you what it is.

I can understand the drawn on arms and legs for Wonder Woman though. Halloween isn't exactly the best holiday for bare arms and legs.

Kal said...

Well these outfits aren't built to keep out the cold. They are meant to go over a snowsuit.

Dr. Theda said...

What about the Villains...???