Thursday, February 28, 2013

There Is Good Cosplay And There Is Great Cosplay


And there is totally awesome Canadian themed cosplay.

Thursday Image Blizzard




Selena and Vanessa at El Hormiguero


I Hear Ya Sister


Who Will Be The New Robin?

What the hell Internet? You ask me that TODAY of all days? The poor kid's body isn't even cold yet and you are talking replacement? Let me tell you who can replace Damian - FUCK YOU - That's who can replace him - a character called FUCK YOU. Does that work for you numnuts at DC?


Fierce Cover

Sleeping Sickness by City & Colour ft. Gord Downie.

All I Ask Is That You Try



Calvin and Hobbes photoshopped into photographs of real locations
 by freelance photographer Michale S. Den Beste.

Hiccup Cosplay



My Vacations With Vladimir


There Must Always Be A Cave Of Cool

Because when we talk on the phone you shouldn't have to ask me what I'm wearing every ten minutes.


Did I Tell You I Lost A Post?

What was the worst post that you ever lost? I guess it would have to be the best post that never got posted due to human error or computer glitch? Either way, which one is the most memorable one that got away from you?