Monday, February 25, 2013

You Stick It To Me Again Grant Morrison And Not In The Good Way

This morning, the NEW YORK POST announced that the death of Batman’s son: Damian Wayne (a.k.a. Robin) will occur in BATMAN, INCORPORATED #8. Hitting stores this Wednesday, the issue written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Chris Burnham will not only serve as Damian’s last flight as Robin, but it will also bring together everything Morrison has been building towards since the beginning of the series.

Of all the terrible things that Grant Morrison has done to the heroes of DC Comics, this could be his worse move yet and further proof that he HATES comic book fans. Damian Wayne is the freshest character to come to Batman comics in a decade or more and we even know a little about his adult life and his role as the future Batman (complete with Alfred the Bat Kitty)

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All of that stuff is in the shitter now along with a great, character who at TEN was more dangerous and arrogant than people twice his age. I loved everything the creators had him do - only to make that all meaningless come Wednesday. FUCK YOU GRANT MORRISON!! It's my fault for getting involved in these characters in the first place but that doesn't make this change hurt any less.

Rest In Peace Damian Wayne


Jason Shayer said...

There's always the Lazarus Pit!

Kal said...

Damn, you are right..but that makes you crazy and Damian is crazy enough to begin with.