Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New To The Collection Of Cool

Is anyone good at micro painting? I know I would just make a mess of it so this set will never see it's full potential realized. Sound like anyone you know? I used to know a person who customized figures but she went batshit crazy.

Any toy that brings superheroes to the younger set is A-OK with me. Hawkman is one of the characters I will pick up whenever I come across a version. It's all about the wings and the body armour. Like being a hawk...only an angry armored hawk.
I love these huge reference books. I have seen many of the same images a thousand times but all together like this it's a treasure. I want to read this and hug this and love this and call this George. 412 freakin' pages of DC Golden Age goodness. There are 4 more volumes to look forward to in the future. I think I love adding these beautiful books to my collection most of all the stuff I am lucky enough to have.
This well loved Super Powers Batmobile needs a bit of a clean-up and is missing one of it's windshields but I will take it for five bucks at the Value Village.
This Marvel Select Rhino figure has the heft befitting one of the top bruisers in the Marvel Universe. His look has barely changed in 40 years and is iconic. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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