Thursday, February 28, 2013

Breaks My Heart

They did time together as Batman and Robin while Bruce was lost in time. Those were good comics. Damn, still can bring myself to read the whole thing about Damian's death because then it's there, stuck in my brain. I will have let Morrison get under my skin...AGAIN. And he doesn't deserve to be there. He never earned the right except for on the rarest of occasions (Superman For All Seasons). No single creative forces has ever sucked more life from me than Grant Morrison. His crimes and shortcomings are numerous and legend. But that is an arguement for another time.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

that rocks! yeah too bad about Damian, but let's not forget Morrison wrote Arkham Asylum: Serious House On Serious Earth- disturbing in a great way. Successful artists often suffer from their own hubris- Hemingway did, too.

Kal said...


Mike D. said...

It really is a knock off a popular character...that is actually helping to sell the story.
I don't like whats going on with Spider man either. This is wht I stopped buying new comics altogether.
Its just Bullshite with no respect for tradition or the fan base