Thursday, February 28, 2013

Big Brother Canada

I am a huge fan of the concept and have had a lot of fun with the American and British versions - which are very different. The British show is more co-operative and less cut-throat than the American show. 10,000 people actually auditioned to be put into the 24/7 Canadian rat cage.

I do enjoy all the drama whether it be real or manufactured. I don't care. For ten weeks I can committ to these people. You put jar head next to flamboyant gay and watch the fur fly. I enjoy seeing idiots placed under social experimentation. They in no way represent the majority of the population but it's so interesting to see what people ASPIRE to be when the cameras are on them. How we view others and what our view of social interaction is all about is something I will be looking for. I will be so disappointed if the whole thing turns into a seal clubbing but secretly hoping for something akin to a hockey brawl.

Canadians are used to living inside together for long periods of time because of the long winters and we don't kill each other during the cabin fever because we have learned how critical social skills and humor are.

People who think they are 'all that' have to live with people who are not 'all that' but also think they are unique little snowflakes. It's nice to see them slowly fall apart (both mentally and emotionally) as their beliefs about themselves is challenged by their own pettiness and paranoia.

I was impressed with the slick professionalism of the Canadian production. They didn't cheap out on the house and the show does have a distinctly Canadian flavor but I was happy to see that we are just as stupid and weird as everyone else in the world. Only we are more ethnic. I know we won't try to make the winner of this show into a celebrity because we don't go for that shit. It takes a long time and some effort for Canadians to remember what you have done on television.

They did choose a crew of egomaniacs and women who just HAVE to be loud. Sometimes I get annoyed with women who are loud. I can understand that the program wants to have a high energy start and they did it up right. Everyone was so phony but I know that shit will get real 'toute suite'.

The Big Brother 'Voice' is stupid. He wants to sound like a all seeing threat but comes off as a goof.

But then again I am a fan. I am prepared to allow for some growing pains.

I love the kid who is over thinking everything. He will be out before the hour ends.

Why does the gay guy always have to be so flamboyantly gay? Stereotypically gay? Cartoonishly gay?? GAH!

Hope some of you are watching. I would like to know what you think as we go along.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

The gay guy always has to be obviously gay because there are still a lot of numnuts who can't figure out someone's gay otherwise. Also, gay male effeminacy is more threatening to insecure males than gay male butchness. And remember, this is all about conflict!

Kal said...

Well he's already freaking out the oil field firefighter. It's amazing how they went looking for types and they found them.