Thursday, May 31, 2012

Friday With The Birthday Furies

We Are The Future Of Space Travel

Canadian garbage truck lands on Saturn.

Rise of the Guardians

Someone Give Me A Break

How will I ever fit into these awesome vests if my Birthday is National Donut Day. It's like the entire Universe is conspiring against me, as usual.

Image Blizzard

Comic Origins

There was a time when these were the only comic book story collections that you could get at your local library - it was nearly impossible to find a volume in a bookstore because direct comic sellers just didn't exist yet.

I know that the library had to replace their copies every couple of years because they were very popular, especially in my crowd. If you were lucky you could get a battered up copy when they did the yearly old book sale. My Mother knew the library lady pretty well so she saved me these three books. When I got them they were beat up but still together. Since then I have treated them like any rare book that has ever been collected.

A Thursday Thing With Fan Bingbing