Thursday, May 31, 2012

Again With The Face Eating

What the hell Canada? Are we trying to out horrify the United States this week? They have a guy in Miami who was found on a bridge. He was high on lavender bath salts while he chewed off another guy's face. Both men were naked naked. The face chewer was shot dead and the one with his face chewed off at least still has his goatee. I am sure there are picture but I am not going to look for them.

Then in Canada there is apparently footage of a porn 'star' with many aliases, who was filmed using an icepick to kill a person before cutting up the body and mailing it to several political headquarters in the province of Quebec. How did he decide who got the foot and who got the hand or was it just more random and related to the boxes he had available

That is all some fucked up shit. And since when are people getting PCP level stoned off bath salts? Maybe these beauty products need to be banned and marijuana legalized. I have yet, in all my days, to read about a guy who chewed another guys face off for not passing the 'dutchie on the left hand side'.

Sure a monkey ripped of some lady's face but I think in that case he was stone cold sober at the time.

LSD Blamed in Horrifying Face-Chewing Attack by NewsyVideos


Belle said...

The ice pick guy is horrible. Does he hate people and kill them and hate the government too! Bath salts. Never heard of that one. I wonder how much of his face is left? I remember the monkey incident - I guess he'd had a bad day. I don't know why there are more crazy Canadians now - the guy on the bus was the worst and now he is walking around town, with a guard, but still... He is one scary dude.

Anonymous said...


He mailed the body parts to Ottawa, Ontario, not Quebec as you stated.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ice Pick guy apparently dated Karla Homolka at some point too. Figures.