Sunday, January 31, 2010


oh lupz vlz

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Disney Girls

My political rantings are frankly irritating me and making me feel drained, so I'm going to do this meme I found on Tumblr and get my mind back on frivolous things where it belongs.

Also, I'm keeping this questions limited to animation films instead of the entire Disney output. Just streamlines it. Not that anyone's really interested.

1.Which Disney Princess film is your favorite - Beauty and the Beast/Mulan

2.Which non-Disney Princess Disney Film is your favorite?--Lady the Tramp or The Aristocrats or Pincess Protection Program/ Mulan

3.Which Disney film makes you cry the most? - Bambi

4.Which Disney film makes you the happiest? - Lilo & Stitch.

5.Which Disney film has the best soundtrack- Little Mermaid

6.Which Disney film has the best love story? - Beauty and the Beast

7.Who is your favorite Disney Prince? - The Beast.

8.Who is your favorite Disney animal sidekick? - THe Dragon from Mulan (Mooshu)

9.Who is your favorite Disney main character animal?>
Bagera and Balooo from the Jungle Book

10.Who is your favorite villain? Sher Khan - Jungle Book

11.What is your favorite Disney song? - "Under the Sea" from Little Mermaid

12.What is your favorite Disney villian song? - The one Gaston sings in Beauty and the Beast

13.What is your favorite Disney animal song? 'Circle of Life' - Lion King

14.What is your favorite Disney Princess song? - A Whole New World Alladdin

15.What is your favorite Disney Prince song? - Make a Man Out Of You - Mulan

16.What is your favorite Disney Prince/Princess duet song? - I guess "A Whole New World" from Alladin

17.What is your favorite Disney love song? - Kiss The Girl - Little Mermaid

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cat Plus More

Starship Invastion (1977)

You gotta love a really badly made UFO movie that at least has aliens that care enough about us to resist the cold anal probe and instead use a beautiful female to gather all the fluids they need. Now THAT is progress. Those stinkin' alien bee killers are ones I can work with. Unless they put out while working our bee hives dry.

Once again we see Robert Vaughn as the least likly man equipt to solve this alien problem for us. His chief alien enemy is Christopher Lee - schucking for pennies again. The 70s were tough for a lot of the big names That's it Billy. Lock all the doors. That should keep you safe. Ooops. And why does every excounter with some hot alien chick lead one to suicide? She was not so great a piece of ass in the first place. Plus why kill all humans to take over while there are like maybe six bad aliens in total to deal with in the first place. Dumb.

This movie was shown many many times on late night Canadian TV before we could get permission to show anything aside from crap. Though these movies did have inter space whore houses right on the ships so for a seven year old it was a high point.

I still remember the massive attempts at mass suicide that decimate the cities. Pretty cheesy stuff. Mom made us eat with a spork for a week. And we trusted NO ONE.

Project Runway Episode 3

MMMMMM Goody, my next challege for 'Project Runway' How can these bitches NOT be inspired from all this history. 500 Dollars and 2 days? Hell I could build a space complex with missiles in that amount of time. But in this case its Couture looks which in itself is very nice to play with too, I love they away they go nuts on each other when they have to work in groups of two.

Five For Caturday

How To Mak A Graphic Novel

Playing Tongith At Ye Ol' Movie Theatre.

Cute Mug Shot of The Week

To steal a car in order to find my love isn't an offence as far as I am concerned.

When I Am Most Alone - Milia Kunis Arrives For A Short Nap

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Save The Bee - Save Us All

It's know to all of you that I have many many connections throughout the world especially among animal royalty who meet once a year at Neushawnstein Castle near Munich. We discuss issues related to the animal kingdom.

This year I was there to especially support the Queen Bee in her interest to advance discussion about the reasons for huge loses and deaths in the bee populations. Many look to the cellphone technology and the electrical vibrations that they create that is possilble mssing up the delicate biolelectric fight line that the bees use to navigate.

The truth is that we have evidence that due to the ability of the bee to detect the gentle hum of alien aircraft as they enter or atmosphere that they ave been declared a real threat to the 'greys'. Such aliens shine like a beacon to our bee brothers and once we are able to complete our communication systym we too will be able to spot them and eliminatte them at will.

We support support all efforts by the queen bee to further advance training and technlology to complete these goals.

Sweet Collage

A collage of Teagle’s individual 6” x 6” acrylic paintings

Neon Heroes Pretty Sweet

Favorite Picture Of All TIme

The 'Night Watch' by Rembrandt. I have actually gotten close enought to tough the glass the paintin was protected behind before being shuffled away by secrity forces.

Just Pass

K..Lindsey Lohan is going to the a fancy ball in Vienna with a 77 year old Australian millionaire who pays some young Hollywood ho to be his date for that evening every year. They have a name for that in Vienna. And that name is prostitute. Way to strike while the iron is hot buddy. What? Paris Hilton having her hymen reconstructed that week? This Lindsey thing is just become sad. It's not even fun anymore to make jokes about her. I would use the term 'crack ho' but that would be an insult to crack hoes. What I don't understand is why he didn't just pay an extra ten dollars and get someone decent who will not throw up in the back of his limo.

2 x Are Good Times

Baby, I don't care who is the real Selena and which in the clone. I can love you both equally.

Back In A Nice Hat

Taylor looks delicious in a nice new (and in this case big) hat. She is just as shiny as a new penny.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

So he could lead the cop who busted his brother into a horrible highway death.

Now you add your own answer in the comments. You see how we here at the 'Cave of Cool' not only give you cutting edge blogging but we suport your active participation in the process.

We want you to take a little something away with you each time you visit - a smile, a tear, an idea that changes the world. We promise to never stop being innovative and unpredictable because YOU - the knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, couch/cubicle/cell monkeys deserve only the best. Management thanks you for your time and attention to this matter.

My Dad Is So Much Cooler Than Your Dad - 2

The Geography Lesson.

Better Off Ted

I am a pop culture guy. There is nothing I love more than a quirky little film or TV show that needs my promotion to put it over the top. On the flip side the minute I am told that something is great and that I should start watching it and join online communities and tattoo the faces of the characters on my butt, then I develop an allergy to the program. So I am sorry 'Lost', 'True Blood', 'Mad Men' (Though I do approve of a highlight reel of all of Christina Hendrick's parts with the sound removed - we don't have to talk to communicate baby.)'Dexter' and 'Glen Beck', I may watch you in the future when you are done and I can see what all the fuss was from the beginning. I am sure I will enjoy you then just like I have come to love 'The Wire', 'Burn Notice' and the 'Sopranos'.

But I am here today to talk about a spunky little cheeky monkey of a program called 'Better Off Ted'. Fast and furious like 'Big Bang Theory' and 'Modern Family' that is made for all us nervous chipmunks with too much caffeine in their system and for whom the world moves WAY too slow already. Zoooomy Zoom I say. I want a minimum of 10 jokes per minute with an exponential increase in the 'ha ha' towards the end of the 21 minutes. Have your way with my funny bone and don't call the next morning.

The show takes place in what is possible the most evil and dysfunctional corporate office ever. The Veridian Corporation. Its leaders are secret suits that occupy a mysterious top floor. You don't want to go anywhere near the fourth floor (for your own safety) and if the world found out what this Corp. was doing to people and the world in the name of profits they would collect their torches and burn the whole thing down.

The humor comes from the characters of course. Which include a tighter than tight ass female exec, a sarcastic go getter, his female equivalent, various corporate cubicle monkeys and two social inept but comically evil genius scientist working in 'development'. This is actually the ONLY kind of office I could ever work in because the situations really stimulate the snarky humor and general lack of anything resembling real human feelings or emotions.

The great thing that except for Portia De Rossa (the bitch exec) I don't recognize anyone in the cast and that only makes their performances iconic. The two scientist guys are nearly 'Sheldon' in their quirkiness. So many quotable lines:

Ted - "We have a morale problem. Look we have this deadline coming up. If we want to make it we have to do something to keep these people motivated."

Portia - "Ted, if there is a morale problem the Company recommends you take the hardest working employee and fire them. That will scare the rest of the peasants back into the fields." (said with glee)

Ted - "What if, instead of scaring people, we single out the hardest working employee and reward them with something? Something fun."

Portia - "Fine, the workers pushed the button and lit up the light. They can have their monkey chow." (said with contempt)

Comic Pages Of The Week - X-Men 520

I actually have been lovin' the 'Nation X' story in the current issue of 'X-Men' These two pages from the latest issue are terrific.

Cyclops has stepped up to lead the rogue nation that he has set up as a haven for the few remaining mutants left in the world. He has to balance a lot of disparate elements in the mutant community while trying to keep his 'island' from sinking into the ocean.

One of his biggest problems is what to do with 'Magneto'. The former arch villain of the X-men has returned to the mutant community with 'hat in hand' to seek redemption for all his past sins. Or maybe he just has nowhere else to go. He doesn't have an agenda this time and he truly wants to help. At least that is what I believe.

Scott however wants NONE of it. He has been burned by Magneto too many times since the very beginning of the formation of the X-men. At various times he has offered Magneto the opportunity to change and been stabbed in the back each time. Like the boy who cried wolf, Magneto has run out of chances.

The genius of the art/writing is that I actually WANT to see Magneto get his shot at redemption and I was there all along when he was a bad guy. I know what a bastard Erik can be. I love it when really great storytelling can make me question all I think I know about a character. Magneto has got layers over layers over layers. When I think of the way he was handled over at the 'Ultimate' universe, I want to beat Jeff Loab to death with a bag of frozen oranges.

Of course those pesky humans are always around to 'hate and fear' the mutants. Its a theme I thought the comic had done to death but for some reason this current storyline really is resonating with me. It does feel like a changing of the guard and a new direction for all mutants in the Marvel Universe.

I am also very happy that Bendis has not got his hands on this title. What he has done to the Avengers is a sin and I just can't watch another one of his so-called 'events' peter out and die by the end like a popcorn fart.

My Favorite Lyrics

10000 Maniacs - Eden


We are the roses in the garden,
beauty with thorns among our leaves.
To pick a rose you ask your hands to bleed.
What is the reason for having roses,
when your blood is shed carelessly?
It must be for something more than vanity.
Believe me,
the truth is we're not honest,
not the people that we dream.
We're not as close as we could be.
Willing to grow but rains are shallow.
Barren and wind-scattered seed,
on stone and dry land,
we will be.
Waiting for the light arisen,
to flood inside the prison.
And in that time
kind words alone will teach us,
no bitterness will reach us.
Reason will be guided,
in another way.
All in time,
but the clock is another demon,
that devours our time in Eden,
in our Paradise.
Will our eyes see well beneath us,
flowers all divine?
Is there still time?
If we wake and discover,
in life a precious love,
will that waking become more heavenly?

"A.D" Teaser Trailer

Wicked cool.

Quote of the Day

"We can't leave work in the middle of the day, we are not Somali pirates." Dr. Lem Hewitt (Malcolm Barrett) - Better Off Ted