Monday, January 25, 2010

Spiderman 1604

This series spun out of the Marvel miniseries '1604' where the writers imagined what a world with the familiar superheroes we know and love had begun appearing in Europe during the year 1604. The core elements are there but they are modified to fit the world as it existed at that time. I always enjoy such stories because the writers are freed from continuity and can play fast and loose with familiar themes. The heroes are still the heroes and the villain are still the villains.

The separate Spider-Man 1604 series has it's own Peter Parquagh who travels to Venice to save his 'Marion' from the mysterious Baron Octavious. A perfect example of how this concept really works is in the true face of this century's 'Dr Octopus'. They make him a truly horrific villain and one who you will all immediately recognize as someone who would freak the hell out of me. This is how you do a bad guy RIGHT. But first check out this page to see how the more things change the more they really stay the same. I love the old European banter that Spidey does. He just loves to get inside their heads and psych the bad guys out.

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Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Having previously stated my distaste for superhero comic books, I read the original 1604 graphic novel and I loved it. It was a clever and well told tale.