Monday, January 25, 2010

Great...Just When I Think I Know Who My Enemies Are

THIS freak shows up. I know for a fact that eight legged creatures are quite racist/speciest about other creatures with LESS than the oh so wonderful eight legs that are supposed to make you so amazing. Bite me. I will fight you if you have ten tentacles or even twenty. Bring it bitch. Getting tire of hearing about your variations and adaptations. I got one word for you - THUMBS. I got two of them and that big old spiteful mamalian brain.

"Octopus" meaning "eight-legged", it would be similar to talking about a "three-wheeled bicycle".

What this picture depicts, therefore, is a hexapus. Henry the Hexapus - as he has been christened by his keepers - is a resident of Blackpool Sea Life Centre in the north-west of England.

His shortage of extremities is the result of a genetic defect, rather than an accident, and he is believed to be the first of his six-legged kind known to humanity.

"We've scoured the internet and talked to lots of other aquariums and no-one has ever heard of another case of a [hexapus]," the Centre's displays supervisor Carey Duckhouse said.

Found two weeks ago in a lobster-pot off the coast of north Wales, Henry was one of eight "lesser octopuses" that Sea Life took delivery of from Anglesey Sea Zoo.

It was not for some time, however, that staff at Sea Life noticed Henry’s deficiency in the limb department. The attention-starved mollusc had to fasten himself to the glass of his tank before anyone realised, whereupon this photo was taken - very carefully, as flash photography can be fatal to highly light-sensitive octo- and hexapuses.

Henry is shortly to star alongside an actual eight-legged octopus in a new exhibition at the Blackpool centre, entitled "Suckers".

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