Monday, January 25, 2010

Cal Hit The Jackpot Again

I have taught art for many years despite not having much talent myself. It kinda works that way in most schools. Art or religion and you know my feelings on religion.

I find artistic talent to be a gift. You either can do it or you can't. I can teach the basics and find interesting projects to start the kids on somekind of creative journey. We all need that outlet. If you are lucky you find a medium and style that works for you. It can be the most rewarding thing about life.

I can see the images in my head but I can't make them come alive on the paper. I do collages which are basically the live version of what I do with my 'Files From The Cave of Cool' feature. Cut and paste. In all the years I had the students do these 'identity posters' no two were ever alike and I have never been able to convince someone to let me keep theirs as an example for future kids to see - the finished product. That's how I get away with doing one myself several times a year. I will show mine once I get some good digital photos of them. I know you will be impressed.

But I DO have an eye for great individual pieces that I can tell are created with heart and love. That 'effort' thing I always rant about. Over the years I have begged kids to let me keep some of my favorite pieces that they have done. I have a fun collection that also include those white ceiling tiles that they do for their end of year projects.

So why am I going on about all this? Well I just acquired this piece by Becca that I have loved since I first saw it posted last summer. Its the original all colored. I totally dig her cartoony caricature style. I think she captures the energy and youth of two of my favorite Disney girls.

I hope everyone is jealous because I know I feel like I got a great deal. Like that Bubba Shelby original he did for me earlier this year I want to collect individual pieces that speak to me and come from some of my favorite bloggers out there. Thanks again Becca.


Unknown said...

can you be in love a picture?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

yes you can be in love a picture...