Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can We Talk A Minute?

Okay...I can't hold myself from commenting on this picture any longer. You got it 90% right girl. Cute cowboy outfit - check. Not historically accurate but I can live with that. I love the sexy cowgirl vibe you are putting out there baby. You got my vote.

BUT you are making me CRAZY with that .38 caliber pistol you are sporting to accessorize your costume and COMPLETE the illusion. How difficult would it have been to find a nice shiny COWBOY pistol like in EVERY FRICKIN' COWBOY MOVIE WE ALL HAVE EVER SEEN?

Is it me? Am I the problem here people? I mean tell me and I will accept your judgement and we can put this behind us. However, if I am right give me an 'AMEN BROTHER!" It really would 'hep' to 'pep' me up a might tonight.


Tempo said...

Yeah, the black police special just does not look right...though I suspect that no ones looking at the gun..

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It's those little details that infuriate me.

Michael May said...

Amen to the Brother.

DrGoat said...

Yeah, a big ole Colt single action 44 would be appropriate, but like Tempo said, with legs like that, not many care.