Friday, January 29, 2010

Starship Invastion (1977)

You gotta love a really badly made UFO movie that at least has aliens that care enough about us to resist the cold anal probe and instead use a beautiful female to gather all the fluids they need. Now THAT is progress. Those stinkin' alien bee killers are ones I can work with. Unless they put out while working our bee hives dry.

Once again we see Robert Vaughn as the least likly man equipt to solve this alien problem for us. His chief alien enemy is Christopher Lee - schucking for pennies again. The 70s were tough for a lot of the big names That's it Billy. Lock all the doors. That should keep you safe. Ooops. And why does every excounter with some hot alien chick lead one to suicide? She was not so great a piece of ass in the first place. Plus why kill all humans to take over while there are like maybe six bad aliens in total to deal with in the first place. Dumb.

This movie was shown many many times on late night Canadian TV before we could get permission to show anything aside from crap. Though these movies did have inter space whore houses right on the ships so for a seven year old it was a high point.

I still remember the massive attempts at mass suicide that decimate the cities. Pretty cheesy stuff. Mom made us eat with a spork for a week. And we trusted NO ONE.

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Wings1295 said...

Was this the day for posting things all new to me? I know, that is self-centered of me. But here is another flick I have never heard of!