Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best Broken Hip Party EVER!

I finally got the house to myself after two days. That was when my mother got a phone call that her friend had fallen and broken her hip. Not unusual. These old girls drop like flies during the cold winter months. The stressful part for me was that the friend was caretaker to her two 6 year old twin boy grandchildren and they needed someone to do some emergency childcare while my mother accompanied the friend to the hospital and took care of some things.

Yeh, I have a degree in education and I have 20+ years teaching experience but springing me on those poor orphans is possibly not the best idea my mother ever had. From the look on their faces initially I could tell they weren't sure that they were going to survive the night. Even the cat took one sniff and declared that I was on my own. Coward!

They both sat on the couch as I put some mini pizzas in the oven and broke out the Pepsi and cheesie poofs. The looked at each other and with their twin telepathy told each other that if they were going to die they might at least stay for some lunch.

Then I did what I always do in situations like this, I improvise. I went to the massive video vault here at the Cave of Cool and broke out three no-fails and popped the first one into the DVD player. Clearly the big screen TV we have, unlike the black and white Dumont at Granny's place, was having a calming effect.

First it was 'Golden Voyage of Sinbad'. I know. Not fair. I had them by the time the first stop motion monster showed up. And I swear they both sat up straighter when they saw Caroline Munroe for the first time. Just like I did when I first saw her. By the end of the movie our living room was home to them. How did I know? They each took over a couch and arranged the cushions for maximum sprawl. Plus they actually looked to ME to clean up the first time one of them spilled their drink. Way to move in and adopt my habits boys. Now get some paper towels out of the kitchen.

Next it was 'Mask of Zorro'. They too cheered Antonio Bandaras and booed the 'villainous Captain Love'. They were just twitching to find something to sword fight with.

What did I end with? I thought, what could possible make their heads explode? Well, there was only ONE choice - 'The Rocketeer'. By the end of that I was sure they probably had enough adrenaline for one day and they got put to sleep. The next morning they couldn't stop telling my mom about all the fun they had as she drove them to school.

Yeh, I know. You all doubted Big Daddy. Didn't think I had the skills did you? I am available, ladies, for kids parties, bar mitzvahs, and bachelorette parties.


Wings1295 said...

Great selection of flicks for the young ones! Bet they will remember this day as a day of great movies & fun!

TS Hendrik said...

Every child in the world deserves to see those movies. You're doin' the work my friend.

Megan said...

I wish you lived down the block from me. I would have corralled my nephew and brung him along.