Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Steampunk Image Blizzard

Cheetara ( Body Paint ) - Thundercats

Wonder Woman - DC Super Hero Girl

A great all ages comic book.

Beauty And The Beast Live Action - Final Trailer

Of all the movies that came out in the second great age of Disney animation, this one was my favorite. I even can feel myself choking up just watching this trailer now.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Morning Captions


Artist Sean Avery Creates Sculptures With Recycled CDs

The Year Of The Rooster Is Already Looking ROUGH


Quebec City Shooting Angers Me

Well what do you know. Another angry, impotent white Christian male commits a mass shooting against a group that is demonized by those at the highest levels of power. Maybe they should be the ones banned from coming into the country and the lot of them should be shipped off to some Arctic archipelago where they can fight to the death for the last pile of pure white lands.

So now the bullshit shenanigans of the Hillbilly President have affected my country and the peace and security I usually feel for all of my fellow Canadians. Silly of me to do that in the post truth age when our society is full of time bombs like the maniac in Quebec City just waiting to be triggered with the password from their racist masters.

Again, this punk left a trail on social media that everyone ignored but it is impossible to know which hateful internet troll will take the final step and shatter the lives of so many people fighting a war that is only going on in their delusional minds.

As mad as I am about this whole incident I am most mad at the environment that those on the right have created because it gives people permission to kill in the name of hate and intolerance. No refugee has been linked with any terrorist incident yet all of them are banned from countries who themselves have sent NO terrorists to America. Show me one case that disproves my point. Now Saudi Arabia? They should be on TOP of any ban list but Trump has business with them so they get a terrorist pass and likely a discount if they buy more Trump Steaks.

Last week Lawrence Fishburn (Morpheus) was on the Daily Show and Trevor Noah asked if he could pull us all out of the Matrix. That is exactly the way I am feeling these days.


The Rage Of The Maple Leaf


Swing, Ladies. You Are Platinum


Whatever Happened To Blackie??

I like all the cat references he uses.
Blackie was a born salesman.