Sunday, January 29, 2017

Justice League Action - Episode 13 - Speed Demon

I am a big fan of Justice League Action. Lots of heroes and villains in interesting fast moving adventures that keep things fairly light. The 11 minute episodes are well animated with good voice actors and they are not afraid of a little comedy. It's the perfect compromise between what both children and older fans will enjoy. The tone is perfect.

One of the best examples of this is in the use of Etrigan the Demon is this episode with Batman, Zatanna, Brother Night and a possessed Batmobile. I love the little Ice Cream Truck that Etrigan bewitches into the coolest roadster around. I would love to have a FUNKO of that figure with this vehicle. You can even add a Jason Blood figure to the set because you can't have Etrigan without Jason.

I am also a fan of the way Etrigan always talks in rhymes and had that connection to Merlin the Magician and Camelot.


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