Monday, January 30, 2017

6 Killed In Quebec Mosque Shooting.

I lay this one at the feet of Trump. After demonizing Muslims for 18 months on a daily basis I am surprised that more such senseless attacks haven't already occurred. I find it distasteful that the killings happened at a house of worship where people should be able to feel safe. I feel like the chaos has only begun and the copycats are coming. I dread hearing the spin that Trump's minions will put on this one if they even say anything at all. Someone once asked me WHY I even care about a President who is not my leader. THIS is the reason. His irresponsible rhetoric spills over borders in a connected world.


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DrGoat said...

They burned down a mosque in Texas a few days ago. Those miscreants have a mandate because Trump got elected. Expecting more. What a disgrace some of us are.