Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Great Wall

When I saw the trailer for this I thought this was Matt Damon doing two days work and collecting a fat paycheque for his efforts. However, I was happy to see that he had a bigger role that I thought in a story that didn't need his star power but certainly benefitted from it. Damon was the reason I noticed this one in the first place and I am glad that I saw it. Like all of these movies there is much to look at on screen. From the costumes to the cast of thousands to the special effects it's a glorious example of all the reasons I love these Chinese historical epics. Thousands of soldiers form an army lead by Generals wearing different colored armor who each have different duties and abilities put in the service of fighting monsters. Some are flyers, some run the bows, others flip the fire. There is a machinery to the defences of the Wall. It's fun watching them all work together especially in 3D. The trailer will catch you up and you will see what I am talking about.

My favorites are the blue flyers which are all women. Totally useless for fighting so many creatures at one time of course but still fun to watch. Their leader is especially beautiful and make great General. Woman are equal to men in this army.

There a two kinds of monsters. The mindless foot soldiers and their leader class. They too are a fascinating creation and a fearful one. As impressed as I was with the defences of the Wall there appears to be no way the humans can win. It takes so much to kill just ONE of these monsters. That makes the battle interesting because victory is never easy or assured.

Damon is very good here as a man of adventure whose courage and skill are noticed right away. He earns the respect of those defending the Wall and there in lies our story. The finale is particularly crazy and has the distinction of being something I had never seen before. High concept means full retard on the execution and the ending is gonzo. Sure it's not the greatest CGI I have ever seen but that is nothing that should keep you from this one.

This one played out like a great Saturday matinee of my childhood. I totally got into the whole adventure with a glee that reminded me of why I love the movies in the first place.



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