Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It Was Always Thousand Island Dressing

Who are they trying to kid? I have eaten McDonald's once a week for most of my life. That is a lot of Big Macs. I deserve a free bottle of sauce to guzzle down with my nuggets. But of course Canada is the GULAG to these multinationals so why would we get our bottle of Thousand Island dressing? That's okay. They got a Wendy's next door.

McDonald’s is marking the rollout of its revamped Big Mac sandwiches by giving away 10,000 bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce.

Yup, you can take that special sauce home.

The bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce will be available on Jan. 26 at participating locations around the country.

The new Big Mac comes in two sizes (for a limited time). For those who are getting fit in 2017, there’s the Mac Jr. which is smaller and more adorable than other Big Macs. For those going the other way (sometimes you really need to load up after the gym!) there’s the Grand Mac which includes a larger patty and an extra slice of cheese.

All that is great, but the sauce is the most important thing here. How many of us remember the taste of the Big Mac only by the fact that there was a tangy aftertaste that came from its special dressing? The Whopper may have been loaded with mayonnaise, but the Big Mac was always dripping with something that resembled Thousand Island but actually wasn’t. And it worked so well.

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