Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Will You Watch?

It's The Most Candy Filled Time Of The Year


Heroes And Villians By JS Gallagher (Part One)



Now I Can Jump On The Bandwagon

Go Jays Go!

2558 - Some Times You Humans Impress Me

I actually think that if I put together a REALLY good day of posts that I could hit 3000 visits in one day. That would be an important milestone.


Proof That I Worked In A Bavarian Salt Mine As A Child


The Evolution Of The Joker

I can only find a copy of this at this size. I can't read a thing. But know that it exists out there if you want to look for it. I could read it no problem on the original site.

Superman and Doomsday by jsgallagher.

Get used to seeing this guy's work over the next couple of days. It really is some gorgeous stuff. The magic you can do on the computer these days is a constant delight to me.

That Reminds Me

I need to go to the Piggly Wiggly for some grocery staples.
Plus they have a special on Egg Slut this week.

Light Saber Colors

(click to enlarge all)

Selena Gomez For The New York Times


Who Is To Blame For This??


Damn I Miss Collecting Bubble Gum Cards

I Do Like All The Wonder Woman Products That Are Coming Up

This new Wonder Woman statue for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wields a sword and shield and will win any contest.


Super President???

Why do they talk to each other by their first names? What is the point of having a superhero mask that hides his identity if your sidekick uses your first name in public?

Why does the President get a superhero suit and his assistant has to wear the same suit all the time? Isn't that suit a little hot in the jungle?

His design and coloring is just like Guardian of Alpha Flight. You think as a super PRESIDENT that he would be a little more Red, White and Blue.

How did the Super President know that the primitives had his Chief of Staff hostage?

Thursday Image Blizzard