Monday, February 29, 2016

Adventure People

I don't usually go for these 4 inch sized figures but I like these and the fact that they are a Kickstarter project. These are made with love by people who love the property. I have a soft spot for all things Captain Action.


A New Adventure Begins!

ZICA Toys is very excited to present a new take on an old favorite from the action figure toy aisles, Adventure People! With the help of Eleventyplex, Boss Fight Studios, and other talented artists, this new line will have the aesthetics and articulation features that are most popular with today's modern action figure collectors. Standing 4” tall (1:18 scale), they will blend in perfectly with other figures in the same scale that share similar themes and designs.

The first assortment will be broken down into two series, Captain Action and Comic Action Heroes. This is the approach we want to take throughout the entire line, with all of the different series falling under the Adventure People brand name. By using the same basic aesthetics and articulation design across all of the characters in their respective series, we hope to make it look like they're all part of the same action figure universe. The figures shown in the campaign are painted resin samples so they're a little rough around the edges in some areas. High quality construction, materials and paint applications will be top priority on the production figures.

The First Wave of Adventure

The first assortment will be comprised of 5 main figures which include Captain Action, Captain Evil, Captain Evil's Henchman, Action Jackson, and Jet Jungle.


I Teach Because I Love

The Death’s Head Moth is notorious for the skull shaped pattern on its thorax. It has the ability to emit a loud squeak if irritated to deter its predators. The moths are commonly observed raiding beehives for honey at night. Guard bees at the entrance attack it, but the thick cuticle and resistance to venom allow it to enter the hive and it is able to move about in the hive unmolested because it mimics the scent of the bees.

Hailey S Cosplay as Nightwing


No Excuse To Look Shabby While Preaching About The Lord


Well You DID Ask Me Nicely


The Many Looks Of Mary Marvel


But Embracing My Groceries With My Yearning Arms IS Love To Me


Is This For Pets Or Children??


I Can Caption Anything

Call me, Madison Avenue.

The Color Of The Day Is Yellow