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GQ Asks - What Makes An Ideal Man?

We all know that a REAL man would fight a tiger and a python to keep them from derailing a train full of orphans on their way to turmor removal surgery in the big city.

Survey findings – what makes a man close to ideal?
Has a good sense of humour.
More likely to have blue eyes than brown.
Speaks at least two languages.
More important that he is romantic than good in bed.
Meat eaters are preferred to vegetarians.
Is a good listener.

Survey findings – moderately important characteristics:
Drives a European car.
Wears a suit to work.
Has a degree.
Is clean shaven.

What do men think makes themselves ideal (more so than women)?
The ability to provide for their families.

I like that the survey says nothing about physical attractiveness and we all know that good looks will always trump all other possitive qualities that a person has. No one will ever know how great you are if they can't get past your weight, or your baldness. Good looks open doors and excuse bad behavior. Only after someone knows me for awhile do they see the value of inner qualities.

At What Point Does The Whole System Just Crash In On Itself?

So Mate With One Of Us Today And Keep The Genes Alive

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