Saturday, July 28, 2012

Image Blizzard



M. D. Jackson said...

That eagle looks like its gonna take that girl up with him.

Kal said...

...and fly her to my Arctic cave. I raised that Eagle from the egg.

mshatch said...

love the eagle pic AND the turquoise car which is stunning!

Unknown said...

Thankx Kal
Your Precious Eagle You All You Ador
Flew To The SOUTH
F-in FlyBird Flew South And Is Flyin Free
Over The Southwest
I'll Send You My Auto CleanUp BILL!

Kal said...

Rockett - that is perverse.

Unknown said...

Kal? Why? Never Mend To Offend
I Saw Your Blog As An Open Fourm?
Your Blog Is One Amazing Source To Say What You Want To Say

To Reply I Am Perverse

DrGoat said...

Just Cal's way of saying he likes you. And since the car is already spoken for. I'll take the bed.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

love that wooden Trojan Horse playset! And the Champions guest starring Black Goliath! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

What do you suppose Black Goliath is hiding in his trunks? He might be able to finally satisfy the Scarlet Witch's internal cravings!

By the way, the female Dr. Strange is sexy - except for her feet! They are way too large and look out of proportion! Yuck!

Kal said...

That is Satana the daughter of Dracula. Feet are ugly things to begin with. It's why man first invented footwear - not for comfort but to prevent other from having to look at your ugly toes.