Monday, July 30, 2012

Comics For People Who Don't Read Comics.

The story of Y: The Last Man covers the five years immediately following a plague that killed every male creature on Earth (except two). Over the course of their journey, Yorick Brown (an amateur escape artist who happens to be the last man on Earth) and his friends watch society cope and re-stabilize in the absence of men. However, many of the women they encounter have ulterior motives in regard to Yorick and his future.

One of the great comic book properties that can be read in it's entirety is the series, Y: The Last Man.  Writer Brian K. Vaughn created something special that would be perfect for an HBO series. The adult themes and sweeping story need the freedom of cable to tell the tale properly. Most every library will carry the collected volumes.

This FAN FILM (!!) is of such high quality that it could easily substitute for a network pilot. The creators have just the kind of passion that the project requires to be successful.


Anonymous said...

They have this at the library but I'm reading other stuff.

Kal said...

You will mature into this stuff.