Thursday, February 28, 2019

Not Just FOIN But Anime FOIN!


Afternoon Captions

Fresh Eggs Episode 2

A black comedy with a deliciously twisted sense of humour, this six-part drama follows a couple's quest for "the good life" that goes wickedly awry. Penny (Chitham, Shortland Street, Outrageous Fortune) and Wade (Holloway, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Eagle vs Shark) crave a peaceful, picture-perfect existence. But when they make the move to the small town of Alberton they find themselves in the middle of something odd and slightly sinister. After a fatal accident, Penny and Wade find themselves face-to-face with some very bad eggs, who threaten not only their happiness, but their lives. Award-winning actress Danielle Cormack (Wentworth, Rake) stars as Lulu, an overstretched modern mother and career criminal who's married to Pig (Dave Fane, Sione's Wedding), a criminal psychopath. Acclaimed actor John Rhys Davies (The Lord of the Rings) plays Penny's boss, Cutter, a narcissistic crime author who finds himself at the centre of a real murder mystery.

In the days of binging it's rare for me to wait an entire week for a new show that I am addicted to.

The origins of LULU (Danielle Cormack) is just about the most horrible thing I have ever seen on TV but damn the joy on her face when she had to 'deal' with that poor bunny made me spit my Pepsi. I've heard her legend but never saw it live. OMG. I could love this woman but I assume she kills after mating. And her SON. Something has to be done about her son.

"I've never let him anywhere near my gash." - woman threatened by LULU.

Damn, that is GOOD writing.

Again, I ask, how did this ever get on NZ television? That is my FIRST question to Nick when I interview him. The CBC could learn something about entertaining an audience from Nick Ward.

Last time I didn't mention the soundtrack but it's another great addition to the darkness all around. A perfect companion to all the polite conversation going on. This couple never fights with each other with raised voices despite the INSANE situation they are in. Even Lulu is polite to a fault before she isn't. And you never quite know when she will snap.

"No idea is a bad idea." - especially when you are trying to solve when the guy you thought you killed is alive and tied up in your garage. I love watching all the DISCUSSION around trying to work out how to solve the problem of the WOUNDED COP TIED UP IN YOUR GARAGE! It's all so civilized and thus, even more funny.

I can't even talk about this show without introduction spoilers. I NEED someone to watch this with me so when I say 'what the fuck' they would say 'what the fuck' at the same time.

I have NO IDEA where this is going and for me that is a gift. When Claire Chitham does her bit of negotiating I was never more turned on. Here is a woman worrying about her husband feeling good about himself while THEY HAVE A WOUNDED COP TIED UP IN THEIR GARAGE!

"This is the country. Animals get shot everyday." - Penny (Claire Chitham).

Ganesh the Doctor is EMMY bait. He can't wait to treat someone because he is there only every second day and none of the locals want a guy named GANESH to treat them. He's is too exited to be of use to anyone in this situation. Every single character in this show makes me laugh. There are so many great story threads going on throughout the show and the entire cast is game for anything.

And Black Cyril the most evil pony in the world is back. Back for his reckoning. Here's a piece of advice. If you come for the king you best take him down with the first shot.

Why do these people have the worst luck with people?
I had NO IDEA what ending was coming but suffice it to say that I will die before next week. This is a fantastic dark satire that reminds me of that old thrill of watching a show and realizing that it's the funniest thing you have seen from television in a long time. There is nothing like it out there and I beg you to seek it out.

Trevor Noah Introduces Black Pather At The Oscars

Adventures With My Mother

Someone tried to pass regular buns off as Cosco buns to us. My Mother claims my BUN TASTE is 'off'. Worse justification for a crime committed against me, EVER! I can't believe she argues with me about such things when SHE KNOWS her son has the instincts of a homicide detective after all those years watching Law & Order and reading Batman comics and the Hardy Boys books.


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