Wednesday, February 20, 2019

My Feed Is Now Using The Word 'Doozy' To Get My Attention

So corrupt.
He doesn't give a shit and is untouchable but the evidence is there.



Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

I usually don't comment on your weak lefty meme posts because its just you jerking off into a cup and drinking it. However, this batch begs the question - which crime(s) is it you think Trump has violated? I mean specifically, which code?

Given how you react to such things you're likely to belch out 'Uh..treason and shit like so much orange man treason be going on!'. You're aware of what is going on, you're brainy. Which code?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Doozy" is overdue for a revival. Just like "dotard" was.

notaleftie said...

Calvin is still crying that "America will NEVER be a socialist country" and that his idiot hero chased 25,000 high paying jobs out of NYC.

DrGoat said...

Whatever crimes Trump has or has not violated aside, it is astounding to me that you support this complete dickwad and all the harm he has done to this country. Tax breaks for the rich, fake national emergency, putting fossil fuel lobbyists in charge of the EPA, not to mention all the machiavellian cretins in charge of all the cabinet posts. So I guess we're supposed to take you seriously.

notaleftie said...

Dr. Goat you should get together with Calvin and become "The Delusional Duo"

Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

Goat, again, which crimes exactly?

Why would I support this asshole?

• The MASSIVE work his admin has done to cease, prosecute and curtail child sex slavery
• The lowest black unemployment in recorded history
• Nearly the same for Hispanic unemployment
• Record domestic crude oil production
• A modernization of NAFTA
• Talks with North Korea and a ceasing of their nuclear testing
• Average hourly earnings rising for the Middle Class
• Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
• The decapitation of both the Bush and Clinton dynasties
• The creation of over 5 million jobs
• Job openings outnumber the unemployed for the first time ever
• Large increases in exports helping the American farmer
• His signing “Right to Try”

He ain't perfect but he's a shit ton better than Obama and Bush.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am sorry everyone. We are out of the Fox brand Kool-Aid because someone had drank it all.

notaleftie said...

The zombies continue to walk past Calvin.

Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

And say what you want about Orange Man Bad, he has the best 404 error page of all time. Enjoy.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Remeber dipshit, you exist her at my pleasure. I could snap you out of existence from the Cave of Cool so behave your bigotted self. And stop boring me with your pathetic 'stats'. If that's all you got then you are going to ACHE when your boy trump is enjoying his daily shower with the fellas. So unfair but if you do wrong then prison rape will find you.

Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

HAHAHA! You deleted my comment like the sniveling defenseless bitch you are!

If what you believe actually is right you'd be able to argue for it. Loser! HA!

Seriously, I am laughing at you. Wow. HA!

I kept commenting because you insulted me for making a innocuous comment disagreeing with you and now we're here. Holy shit. Hilarious!

Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

Let's give you another chance, explain how Trump increasing black employment to historic levels is bad. I'll be nice and engage politely. Go.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Now you are boring me little flea. And if trump knew he had anything to do with rising levels of black employment he would put an end to that progress right quick. It probably has more to do with the legacy of PRESIDENT Obama than anything 45 ever did. He certainly didn't intend this consequence because he doesn't give a shit.

Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

You keep telling me I bore you, yet no one has ever commented on your site more than me. I'm second only to you on the content on this site, boy.

Trump has always touted minority advancement even prior to his run for POTUS.

Obama did nothing for any native minorities. He was a disaster across the board, in particular for the children of second and third world nations where he slaughtered untold numbers.

Shit. At this point I could say Obama shit Satan out of his butthole and you're so ignorant and reactionary you couldn't - no, would be to scared to say otherwise. You're a dope who thinks screaming makes things true.


Keep to what you're good at, show me more comic content and cosplay. Feed me what I want and leave the adult things to us adults you child.