Monday, February 18, 2019

Coming This Year By Kotobukiya

Scarlet and The Baroness are perfect for the Kotobukiya treatent. Not a fan of the Lady J figure but I am glad to see these characters join the line. Only a few characters are made each year and it looks like 2019 has continued the tradtion with some great choices.

I have been waiting for Mary Marvel to join this line for a long time and I love how bright the red and gold are. I want Shazam to be sucessful so that she can be in the sequel.
Domino Bujijou also looks great.
As you all know I collect this line of statues. They are the highest price collectibles and am very happy I started with them all those years ago. The DC Bombshells are twice the price so it hurt to have to leave them behind but I love my Bujijou Girls.

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