Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Avengers Trailer 2

Can't Argue With That Logic

Today Seems Like 'Jennifer's Day'.

There Was A Time When They Were Both Sold Together

Never Enough Jennifer These Days

Jennifer lawrence Glamour UK

It's Rude To Show One's Klimt In Public

Gustav Klimt

Plants vs Zombies Weaponry

Cool Art Installation

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Color Of The Day Is Green

This Footage Never Gets Old To Me

When Angelina Jumped The Shark For Me

It was the exact second that she exposed her leg and did that little flourish. I knew how much she liked herself but that was really a bit much. I hate myself for enjoying the ridicule of her move as much as I am. I am a terrible bitter angry little person. But she IS ridiculous. I so want that Angelina/Octomom death match in the Thunderdome to begin any day now.

They call it Angelina Jolie’ing. I will never say or type that phrase ever again. This is what is sending our civilization careening towards doom. Kim Kardashian is kicking herself and her immigrant assistants for not giving her the idea first.