Monday, February 27, 2012

Oil Of Oregano

I haven't had a cold in three years. Since I took myself out of the germ factory that is your average school, my super immunity, built up over years of surviving in the petri dish has really served me well.

My mother let herself get rundown by taking her sister hither and fro. My aunt, of course, has an opinion on the common cold - who knew? As protection for me and relief for my poor mother she prescribed OIL OF OREGANO which, surprisingly, smells just like liquid oregano.

I put some of the oil around my nostrils to see if it worked to prevent my own sickness. I will not be pleasant for anyone around her if I get ill. I don't pretend to be sick AND reasonable. That is a lot to ask of me, really.

On the up side, my room smells like spaghetti sauce.

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Belle said...

That's a great upside. I've heard of this, let us know if it works.