Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How Crappy Would You Feel?

One year you are on Welcome Back, Kotter and appearing on Dick Clarke's Rockin' New Year's TV show and the next year they won't take your calls anymore. How cold did that guy's career get when Kotter went off the air??


Happy New Year


Matador was some of the most fun I had watching TV this year. 13 goofy episodes with everyone playing the material straight down the line. Each character is bigger than life and the story lives up to the ambition of the creators. I loved how it made me feel as a viewer. I looked forward to this one weekly and it never lasted in my download file for very long. I know my dear departed Father would have loved this one as well so that only added to my enjoyment. Alfred Molina was as great a bad guy as you would imagine because you end up loving his evil by the end. The story goes off in some loopy directions but if you stick with it you will never forget Matador. Season two coming soon I hope. If I get ONE person to watch this show and tell me I wasn't insane for loving it, then my job is done here.

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Next year I am trying to be the best little universe that I can be.

 Here is a great article about how crappy and dystopian 2014 was.


Daily Reminder - Why We Need The Superheroes


Canadian War Propagana Posters


The Color Of The Day Is Blue






Meanwhile Back At The Russian Space Program

I don't even have the words.


Edward Hermann Dead At 71

This one really got to me. There was a time that the sight of Edward Hermann on the Gilmour Girls made me sink into my seat and sigh with satisfaction. He was one of the great character actors who made the successful transition between movies and TV. He made every production he was a part of better by his humanity. He never hit a false note with me.

Of course no tribute is complete without mentioning his greatest role as the head vampire in the Lost Boys (don't bitch to me about spoilers - watch the damn movie). He said the most frightening line I have ever heard a villain say in movies. Chilled me right down to my bones. Hermann knew a good part when he saw it. I was happy to be a fan.

Bevan Maria Cosplay

Bevan Maria is one of my favorite cosplayers. Look how great she does four of my favorite characters. Where else can I see fantastic versions of Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Squirrel Girl and Velma? Are you freaking kidding me? It's like she knew my checklist.