Friday, September 30, 2011

31 Days Of Halloween Kid Costumes - Day 1

Building My Rocketship Now

Do you think these CAT-WOMEN will dress up like the singers and dancers from the musical'CATS'? What if I ask politely? After all, I just built a rocket ship to travel to the moon - that get's me some respect, right?

What Would You Sing At Karaoke?

I am a pretty great singer (thanks for that Dad) and enjoyed a nice night out at the Karaoke bar when I actually had real, non feline friends. You may only see me as a delusional agoraphobic loner with a crippling fear of tentacles but I become a totally new person on stage.

It's the actor in me - the lights, the captive audiences, the applause that never stops until security rushes me from the building - that never grows tiresome.

Ask me to go singing with you anytime - unless you are part of the Sun City Resort in South Africa because as you know, "I ain't gonna play Sun City!"

I also do a wicked cool version of this Alan Jackson classic. The ladies swooooon when I do 'The Real World'.

Wonderful by Everclear is always a popular choice for me.

And the one that puts me over the top - Linkin Park - 'In the End'

Yeh, She Is Also A Great Singer.

Off to Karaoke!

Caption Cabana

If You Know Who This Magnificent Canadian Bastard Is Then You Are My People

There Is Always Room For Batgirl

He Still Bothers Me But What A Great Idea For A Date

Justin Bieber Rented Out The Staples Center to Watch Titanic

The major date was inspired by a scene in the Adam Sandler flick “Mr. Deeds,” in which Sandler’s character surprises his date, Winona Ryder, with a date for two at Madison Square Garden. After the superstar couple’s meal, things got even more romantic when “Titanic” began playing on a screen in the arena.

Way to go Bieber. Not exactly an original idea but impressive. He knew how to give the girl who has everything something she would never get for herself.

However, by being so over the top you just made an enemy of all the guys in the world that didn't already hate you. How can any guy get away with getting his girl a cheap gift now?

Do you have any idea how frustrating it is for me to love Selena as much as I do only to see her hang out with this numnut? I have really tried not to let him get to me but he is just such a goof. I have faith that my best girl knows what she is doing and she must see something in him that I do not. Their coupling has gone beyond being a stunt.

Thanks to Brother Mike D for inspiring this post.

Canadians Being Cool In Space

Canadian astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield is learning to fly a Russian Soyuz spacecraft and perform appendix surgery, as well as refreshing his spacewalking and robot-wrangling skills, before taking command of the International Space Station in 2013.

Hadfield, 52, will become the first Canadian commander of the space station during his third mission in space. He'll be the second Canadian astronaut to undertake a long-duration space mission, after Bob Thirsk.

My Vacations With Vladimir

Thanks to Dr. Goat for sending me the original image.

Quote of the Day - Project Runway

Bert - "I don't get his fabric choices. Everything looks like it's from the late 80s. They are all going to the Mall or to bury something in the woods."

That's pretty much how I remember the eighties. Time at the Mall split equally with time in the forest with my shovel. Good times.

I Could Watch This Pixie Play Her Violin All Day Long

Lindsey Stirling is a young and unique hip hop violinist that not only plays fun original music on the fiddle but also finds a way to control her bow while dancing, jumping, and performing impressive gymnastic moves.

Cute, talented and most importantly, ORIGINAL!

The Batman By Dave Barton

Do you think anyone will know it's me behind the mask?

Cool 'Brave And The Bold' Faux Covers

Now I Can Smell Like The Desert

More Great Dune Images

I wish I knew who did these. They are fantastic and different than many other of the DUNE illustrations I have seen. The site I found these on didn't specify the artist.

It Came Fourth

More than 5,000 of you nominated. More than 60,000 of you voted. And now the results are in. The winners of NPR's Top 100 Science-Fiction and Fantasy survey are an intriguing mix of classic and contemporary titles.

I am a nut for anything DUNE related. I love the whole concept and how the story was executed over the first four novels. You can see the complete list HERE. Did your favorite make the top ten?

The Dune Chronicles
by Frank Herbert

Follows the adventures of Paul Atreides, the son of a betrayed duke given up for dead on a treacherous desert planet and adopted by its fierce, nomadic people, who help him unravel his most unexpected destiny.