Thursday, September 29, 2011

Killer Elite (2011)

Take every Jason Statham movie you have ever seen, add Robert DeNiro and Amber Heard and watch nothing new. I admit to giving up paying much attention even when the cool Clive Owen showed up.

People were dying and cars were being chased but nothing made any sense. Too many switching sides and the same old action fight choreography I have watched my whole life. There was no reason to make this movie except to train the next generation of fight choreographers and stunt drivers.

Statham is ready to take his career to the next level I believe. Then again, he, like Jennifer Anniston, knows what works for him so why kill the golden goose and take chances with his careers?

I will still watch Jason's movies in the future because I like his style - I just will not expect so much from the combination of co-stars he is able to get to join him in these pictures.

It probably really hurt my enjoyment of this film since I really liked both The Expendables and Death Race , his last two films. Those were goofy but fun and exciting to watch. 'Killer Elite' is just tedious.


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DrGoat said...

Sorry to hear that. Statham and DeNiro should be great together.