Thursday, September 29, 2011

CCCoC Silver Bullet Award

Fuck you Sarah Palin. What kind of ego must this maniac have if she claims that being President just really isn't important enough of a job or title for her? Maybe EMPRESS OF THE UNIVERSE would be more fitting.

She said that having the most important job in the world would shackle her opinions and keep her from being able to influence the country in positive ways. Can someone explain to me how her current efforts have done anything but enrich her own bank account? Has she really helped anyone with the 'influence' that she has now?

That facts are these - she just doesn't want a job where she has to do work, where she has to deal in truth and facts and come up with her own plans to fix the problems in America. Why bother to suggest her own ideas (despite having NO knowledge of economics, geography or world history) when she can just bitch about whatever President Obama is not doing right and pocket a hefty fee to do it? She is a joke.

I had you pegged right from the beginning Caribou Barbie - you are not a serious person. You only care about yourself and feeding your massive ego. You don't deserve to have the influence you now hold over the similarly ignorant and uniformed.

You need to be placed on the first plane to the Sun with all the other 'problem children' we have messing up our culture these days. Don't worry though. I will make sure you get a set right up front in First Class. After all, you are entitled to it.


Simon B said...

"F*** Sarah Palin"?? You first...
She's not really my type...

DrGoat said...

Well, I think you covered it pretty good. She is indeed a joke. A bad one.
A horse walks into a bar. The bartended looks up and says "Hey buddy, why the long face?"
Kinda like that one only worse.