Friday, September 23, 2011

An Egomaniac's Christmas

I found this site today that I had seen before but lost track of. It's a terrific idea. The artist digitally combines modern photographs with portrait painting of Russian generals. He has several style of adornment available. I like the one with the capes the best. Many of these looks give out a great DUNE vibe. How great would Daniel Craig be as Duke Leto?

These are my favorites. Follow the link to all his other examples.

I would love to have myself done into one of these WITH the admiral. From our 1797 trip around the world in our silver airship.

The Beast Rabban

Dunca Idaho

Fayd Ratha

The Baron Vladimir Harkonen

Leto II

Piter DeVries

Duke Leto Atriedes

Paul Atriedes


Thufer Hywat

Doctor Yuey

Gurney Halack

Emperor Shaddam IV

Dr. Liet Kynes


mercurius said...

What's the link to the artist's actual website?

Belle said...

These are fantastic. I love the Russell Crowe and Captain Picard. Bruce Willis looks awesome.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Terrific, all of them! He doesn't do some equivalent for women?

mercurius said...

Nevermind, found it by myself:

Now everyone else can enjoy the rest of the paintings on offer.

Wusel's... said...

This is great. And funny. Made me smile. And that's always a good think :-)))

It also made me smile that you want a painting from me. But unfortunately, since I have my new job, I don't have time for doing commissional pieces. In fact, I don't have time for anything... I'm only working. And I don't know how long this will last... There's so much new for me and I must learn, or better to say, re-learn so much that I forgot since I made my diploma...
But it's a wonderful job. I was fighting for it since the beginning of the year and now I'm happy to be constantly overworked :-)))
When I do commissional pieces I always do two of them because otherwise it's impossible for me to part with it, so... it takes me double the time...
I hope you are not too disappointed. You will be the first on my list to write when I'll have time again for commissional work. I promise.
I read that you are a teacher. This is a wonderful profession. What are you teaching?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

No problem. I can wait till you feel the need to create again. Maybe by then you will have visited here enough times to get a sense of what I would like and how your unique style works into it. Happy that you are working all the time. Remember that it shouldn't fill your whole day. I haven't had to teach for several years now but I sure missed not being in a classroom this fall. I think I am going to substitute at some schools to get me out and interacting with more people. No marking, no planning, no coaching, no staffmeeting, good pay and six hour babysitting is good work and fits perfectly in my life as a semi-country squire. Thanks for getting back to me personally on the commission. If you want to email on a regular basis you can reach me at

M. D. Jackson said...

Gordon Ramsay as Liet Kynes? The mind boggles!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I stand by all my casting choices. I am an artist who knows the look I am going for. I would change nothing. From now on I will only respond to 'Maestro'.