Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Stuff

If you really want to make me feel good about myself (while I am being made insane from the amount of dental pain I am in), you can go the Cultural Compulsive Disorder and leave some nice comments on my Image Avalanche feature. I need the support or they will kick me to the curb and I need those New York Connections.

It seems upon self diagnosis that I have dry socket because I was too diligent in the changing of my gauze after the Jedi tooth pull. But I whined like a baby and both my dentist and pharmacist caved and finally decided that I had suffered enough. It seemed I was actually in pain and not being a big whiny baby about it. Now I have the good pain drugs coming or at least I had better have them coming.

I also have been distracting myself with a goofy pirate adventure - The Immortal Voyage of Captain Drake.

Adrian Paul is all swashbuckler and swagger as 'her Majesty's pirate', Captain Drake. With his crew of 15th Century cryptozoologists and informed treasure hunters, he and his daughter race against time and his most evil foe (Temuera Morrison) for immortality and the fruit of the Tree of Life.

The effects are substandard but the sword fighting is excitingly staged, especially the final conflict set in a blizzard at the top of the world. I put this one on as background noise and settled into the fun early on. It's lighter than a popcorn fart but perfect for watching with the kids on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


This morning I got a visit from a couple of neighborhood kids. They had their cat with them - a skittish Siamese who looks just like a less fluffy version of the Admiral. I have seen him around and laughed at how he looks so much like my boy. They girls had been trying to train their cat to walk with a harness. To me he always seems to have drunk too much coffee. That cat is a tweeker.

The two girls were looking for their lost kitty, who, when described to me, sounded exactly like Admiral Fluffy except for the fact that he is a boy kitty and not a girl kitty.

Latter that day I got their flyer (or threat) and I started to wonder if they were the ones who took the Admiral in when he went missing all those weeks ago. It would be just like him to run away but only go a few houses down the street. I have to know.

I will call them tomorrow and see if their end of the story fit the established facts. This mystery will have a solution. If they kept him inside for those weeks it would make sense that he would come home the first chance he had to get out of their house.

I love when my life does things like this just to amuse me on a slow day.

Not mad at the girls or anything and I hope they don't really have a missing kitty out there. I hate to think about that. I am happy that someone was looking after Fluffy when he was away from my care and I am sure someone else is doing the same thing to their missing girl as well.

Batman has his UTILITY BELT and Selena has her UTILITY MONKEY.



Unknown said...

Your wish is my command...I will hop on over. Happy you are finally getting drugs...don't be a hero.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The Fluffster Mystery deepens. Keep us posted!

P.S. Enjoy the good drugs while they last.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It sucks that I can't feel anything from them and it's been an hour or so since I took them. GRRRRR.

Belle said...

There is really nothing worse than tooth pain. I put it up there with birth contractions. I'm sorry you are going through this. I have to get a molar pulled soon.
That would be interesting if the kids kept Admiral all that time. I'll go visit that site right now.

DrGoat said...

The word for the day is Percocet. I don't know what they gave you, but it doesn't sound strong enough.
But which universe is unfolding as it should. Can't be this one. If it is, 'should' sucks.