Saturday, May 31, 2014

I Understand This Magnificent Bastard Turned 49 Today

I could double for character actor George Buza.
I never miss a George Buza movie.

I Think They Are Both Trying To Seduce Me

Reverse Captain Cold cosplay?
I am a sucker for anything in a fur hoodie.

Oh and bring your friend. I have enough pancake mix for the both of you. (I have no idea what that means).


The Gummi Venus de Milo (also referred to as "Gummi Venus"), the rarest gummi of them all, it was carved by gummi artisans who work exclusively in the medium of gummi.

I Have One FREAKIN' Wish For My Birthday

And that is to buy a dollar box at a garage sale that doesn't come apart when I take the dollar price sticker off. I love to have a cool box to keep my various 'collectibles' in and this one showcasing the art of the Sistine Chapel was worth a loonie....UNTIL I TOOK OFF THE FREAKIN' PRICE STICKER and half the art came off with it. Gah!! This is what I get for going to Hillbilly yard sales.


Classic Bernie Mac

Def Comedy Jam? Those were good times at the birth of cable television.

The Rocketeer & Bettie Page by Aype Beven


Weekend Image Blizzard










New Dress Code In Utah Schools

Your bra strap is showing please hide it because it is suggestive. also your boobs are producing lumps in your shirt please hide them. Your butt is in the same situation please get rid of it. Also your legs. your arms. your face. I can see your feet and it’s very distracting and slightly arousing. And I hope that image on your box wasn't made with any kind of make-up, Jezebel. Don't even think about adding color to your cardboard chastity suit. Only whores do that.


From The Caturday Files